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[gthomas] Mark Robbins on John and Thomas

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  • Strephon Williams
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 1999
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      Mark Robbins on John and Thomas <Thomas is filled with hope and compassion, that the future of
      man is not external but internal, needing only to be tapped to be realized.
      John(as in the rest of the Christian Gospels) believes that it is Christ who
      is the impetus, and that only he can bring the coming of the new age.>

      This distinction should be affirmed. For there is much evidence in Thomas and the synoptics that Jesus was a master teacher and one who lived his teachings but that not even his own closest students understood and lived the core teachings which Jesus had discovered and lived. So in Thomas we have Jesus trying to teach students to themselves live directly from a guiding source. John then wants Jesus to return as the Christ to handle things on earth, sort them out. I call this spiritually lazy. Jesus wanted people to do their own work. But of course the level of consciousness then was not developed enough for enough people, if any, to be able to handle committing to becoming spiritual realists who live from the guiding source, the core values in themselves and their lives. THE QUESTION IS, ARE ENOUGH OF US TODAY READY TO LIVE A SPIRITUALLY CENTERED AND CONSCIOUS LIFE WITHOUT DEPENDENCE ON AN OUTSIDE BELIEF SYSTEM SUCH AS CHRISTIANITY IS? Is there hope that the Gospel of Thomas will be related to as a collection of teachings usable in the everyday life which also affect the core personality? The choice is each our own to make.

      Strephon Williamns

      There is no road to the unconscious. The unconscious is the road.
      There is no road to dreams. Dreams are the way.
      There is no road to consciousness. Consciousness is the path.

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      > There is no road to happiness. Happiness is the road.
      > There is no road to meditation. Meditation is the road.
      > There is no road anywhere. Here is the road.
      > Wayne Dyer/Shanti

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