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[gthomas] Harold Helm ŒWILL NOT TASTE DEATH¹

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  • Strephon Williams
    The Phrase WILL NOT TASTE DEATH in Sayings 1, 18, 20 suggests JOY in at least an eschatological if not present context - yes?? What may we exegetically
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 1999
      Harold Helm ŒWILL NOT TASTE DEATH¹ The Phrase "WILL NOT TASTE DEATH" in Sayings 1, 18, 20 suggests JOY in
      at least an eschatological if not present context - yes??  What may we
      exegetically discover from GOT per concepts of paradise existentially?
      € "WILL NOT TASTE DEATH" could be a metaphor or an assertion. When I look at what the teachings focus on I see Jesus teaching not that the enlightened won¹t die or even go to paradise but that the way to handle death and fear of death is to commit to conscious wisdom about life. When we ask, what functionally for consciousness is the experience of death I come up with that death of the body equals non-existence of a person¹s individual sense of being. So many of the teachings ask us not to be identified with the body and things of this material life, for when we are identified we then experience ourselves as body and so on. If when your body is dying you are identified with it then you will taste death because that is what the body does, it tastes things through the senses. We can allow for the possibility that wisdom teachers of the time such as Jesus used metaphor to indicate function. My question: Why be identified with your body when it dies? Live in your consciousness. Develop your awareness of what is without identifying with your concrete experiences. If you are identified with your body you taste all sorts of things, including your body¹s death. You are a sensualist of your own death.


      > Love is the doorway to enlightenment.
      > Orin

      Enlightenment unlocks the doorway to love. Before that, when the doorway is closed a greater love is not possible. Love requires consciousness to ground it in the real world. Consciousness requires love to give it relatedness and warmth. Consciousness without love can kill. Love without consciousness falters and dies.

      --Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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