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[gthomas] pre-Christian group of the 20s (was "Where's beef?")

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  • Jon Peter
    Steve wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31 8:54 AM
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      Steve wrote:

      <<My position is that there appears to be good reason to think that there
      existed a religious movement prior to the one that began with Jesus of
      Nazareth ca. 28 AD, one that had elements that were later absorbed into
      Christianity. I haven't got a good label for it yet ("Odes religion" of
      course begs the question re: Odes), but I'll call it (with Paul) the Church
      of God movement.>>

      I agree. Wouldn't the Essenes fit your description perfectly? This theory
      has always appealed to me for several reasons, such as, the Essenes were
      baptizers, and so in this sense were halfway converted already.

      Best regards,

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