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[gthomas] Re: The Big Fish (apocalypse)

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  • Beta David
    Re: The Big Fish (apocalypse) --Saturday-- Thanks for the resource, Stevan. I m going to continue with this big `goodly` fish of unknown type and generally try
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 1999
      Re: The Big Fish (apocalypse)

      Thanks for the resource, Stevan. I'm going to continue with this big
      `goodly` fish of unknown type
      and generally try to unwrap my concerns:

      The "fish" seems rather `heretical` in terms of the christian message, i.e.
      here we see the man who is
      wise yet who is fishing (or at least choosing fish).

      I thought about your portrayal of the fish as `sinner` - interesting;
      especially in light of the sheep -
      good point (and chosen, yes - also good[ly]) however in complete context I
      see no (zero) `fishing of
      actual fish` save the story in canonical Matthew which indeed is a prophetic

      Before I get captured by *that* however I want to understand: How wise? And
      wise how? Wise as
      in `wise-wise` or as in just `smart` - seems to me the former; unless we are
      talking simple fishing
      story which I don't *think* we are, given the structure of the book, yet, as
      I said, Coptic fishing
      charms are (in a way) prophetic.

      This is a point to consider given Thomas' unique nature within the find
      itself: Are we talking a farmer's
      almanac amidst the shelly or thomas mann amidst the batman comics?

      Fallon distinguishes between:

      >eschatological apocalyptic material versus cosmological and soteriological

      and rightly so, but as also stated:

      >GTh is not a revelatory dialogue

      I am however struck by this notion of a potentially Wise fisherman who is
      choosing `goodly` fish.
      This is Christian heresy (there are none righteous - as you pointed out) so
      in this sense, sure, sinner
      sinner big fat sinner sounds fine except (I don't know if you tried this) a
      search of "The Big Fish"
      pans out a - rephrase - indicates we are a long way from determining the
      place of the fish in All this
      (and I'm still looking for a boat).

      As Fallon states, a gnostic "apocalypse"

      >should not be considered as a designation of literary genre but rather in a
      >more general sense

      Okay, general, fine, but I don't see general here. What I do see is - like I
      said - a search of The Big
      Fish at the site http://shemesh.scholar.emory.edu:6336/dynaweb/Semeia/ (ref
      #1189 this list) is a... I
      don't know quite how to say this to you... An allusion... (?)

      Thanks again, Beta David

      betadavid (at) hotmail

      The [moment of] life

      is [the] transformation of matter into energy.

      That is (the) life.


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