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[gthomas] Re: The Big Fish (a sign?)

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  • Beta David
    Re: The Big Fish (a sign?) Jim Bauer (a follow up to this morning s post) Dear Jim, ... My view on the sacrament are... well they aren t very religious. I tend
    Message 1 of 4 , May 6, 1999
      Re: The Big Fish (a sign?)
      Jim Bauer (a follow up to this morning's post)

      Dear Jim,

      >And could "eating" have something to do with communion

      My view on the sacrament are... well they aren't very religious. I tend to
      look at the question in
      historical terms; which causes me to see oft portrayed events somewhat
      differently than are
      promoted to us. I think without a context or a date of some sort the
      "eating" business doesn't say *as
      much* as it might; presupposing we could ascertain a date and say, "Well,
      obviously under these
      criteria we have a general meaning..."

      I don't mean to detract from the mysticism - however anyone perceives this
      or not - but I believe the
      sacrament could mean something in 100 Assyria but something else again in

      I think there's a definitive answer; in this case especially. I mean,
      really, the sacrament is something
      that deserves specificity of the highest order. Don't think I take it
      lightly. "Interpolation" (or not)
      depends on time, really, but I lean this way to a degree, for sure.

      This fish business is a prime example; owing its proximity to the sower
      (which in Thomas continually
      `amazes` me). For example: Something not mentioned, Re `fish` --that is,
      `the (potential) boat`
      which I estimate is a possibility if we're talking fishing or sowing or
      prophecy for that matter. `Needs
      to be contemplated.

      There's a cultural underpinning to all this is what I'm saying and if we're
      awash in a 100-year wake
      then... 'Tell you what - you put a year on that assertion and I'll take a
      guess. If I put a year on it,

      Have a good weekend Jim.

      Beta David
      betadavid (at) hotmail.com

      PS. But do - and I'll give it a whirl.

      STORY VALUE: Young unmarried women (maidens), traditionally, `were` virgins.


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