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  • Mike Grondin
    A juicy item from Judy Redman the last day or so: http://judyredman.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/robbins-and-gagne-on-thomas/ It followed quickly on André
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2013
      A juicy item from Judy Redman the last day or so:
      It followed quickly on André Gagné's latest blog entry, to which she links.
      Having recently received a copy of Vernon Robbins' Who Do People Say
      I Am?, she comments on that as well, linking to April DeConick's enthusiastic
      review of it back in August. In the main, though, Judy's comments are about
      a Gagné article in the journal Apocrypha, a portion of which she graciously
      translates from French into English. It bears quoting here:

      In logion 108, the revelation of hidden things is promised to those who drink from the mouth of Jesus. Obviously, there is a correspondence between what is hidden and the hidden words in the first lines of Gos Thom. The disciple is transformed by the words of Jesus. When he receives the words (= drinks from the mouth of Jesus), it is then that his own identity is lost in that of his master. Like Didymus Judas Thomas, who is recognized as the true hermeneutic of Jesus, the disciples, too, become a kind of twin of the master.

      Logion 106 talks about the manner in which those who give themselves over to the principle of unity become Sons of Man. This unquestionably corresponds to the input of logion 108 where the "son of man" becomes "twin" of Jesus, the Son of Man.

      The concept of twinship may be what is behind the characterization of Jesus as the living Father. Jesus is somehow the twin of his Father, so he has the same characteristics. Like their Master, the disciples will also come to demonstrate the characteristics of Jesus, even to the point of carrying the title that is normally attributed to him, "son of man." (p 221 - my translation without Coptic inclusions because I can't easily manage either Coptic alphabet or transliterations in WordPress)

      Although this reasoning strikes me as being basically on the right track, I do have a
      couple prima facie quibbles with it:
      (1) "... the characterization of Jesus as the living Father ..."
          This seems to derive from a questionable reading of L50. A "living Father" is
      mentioned there, but isn't clearly implied to be Jesus.
      (2) L106 "... unquestionably corresponds to the input of logion 108 where the 'son of man'
          becomes 'twin' of Jesus ..."
          Doesn't seem unquestionable to me. 'Son of man' isn't mentioned in 108. Why should
      we believe that such folks are the referent of 'whoever'? Gagné's suggested two-step
      process (first, you make the two one and thus become a 'son of man' [also enter the
      kingdom, as per L22?], then you drink from J's mouth, thus becoming a twin of him)
      needs more support than the word 'unquestionably'.
      Aside from these quibbles, the Facebook group called "Nag Hammadi Seminar",
      which Gagné co-manages and to which Judy links, has good stuff relevant to us.
      Mike Grondin
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