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"GJW" story (provisional) chronology (corrections and identifications welcome)

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  • goranson11
    2nd century claimed date of Greek gospel 2nd-4th c. claimed date of a claimed Coptic Gospel of John ms 4th century claimed date of ms 1945 Nag Hammadi mss
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2012
      2nd century claimed date of Greek "gospel"
      2nd-4th c. claimed date of a claimed Coptic Gospel of John ms
      4th century claimed date of ms
      1945 Nag Hammadi mss discovered
      1956 Coptic gnostic papyri in the Coptic Museum at Old Cairo, P. Labib. Facsimiles
      1959 The Gospel According to Thomas. Guillaumont, Puech, Quispel et al. Coptic & English
      1960s claimed date Laukamp purchased in East Germany
      1961 G. Fecht in Orientalia suggests Gospel of Truth was composed in Coptic not Greek
      1970-1981 P. Munro Director of the Kestner Museum, Hannover
      1977 Nag Hammadi II facsimile published
      1981 June ff Munro Professor in Berlin
      1982 July 15 letter from Munro to Laukamp (claimed), giving remarkably early date (2nd-4th c.) to claimed CGJ ms
      1982-1983 Karen King at Free Uni., Berlin
      1982 "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" published
      1983 new Egyptian antiquities law
      1983 Lambdin, Introduction to Sahidic Coptic
      1987 Fecht Festschrift, Form und Mass
      1997 claimed purchase from German-American collector
      1997ff copyright dates of Michael Grondin online Coptic Thomas site
      2001 Hans-Ulrich Laukamp death
      2002 Nov M. Grondin posts Interlinear Coptic Thomas; see his account: http://www.gospel-thomas.net/x_gjw_ps2.htm
      2003 "The Da Vinci Code" published
      2003 "The Gospel of Mary of Magdala" published by King
      2006 May "Da Vinci Code" film
      2006 Dec. 13 Gerhard Fecht death (in Hamburg?)
      2007 Feb. S. Jacobovici, "The Jesus Family Tomb"
      2007 March 4 TV "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"
      2009 Jan. 2 Peter Munro death (not 2008 as HTR draft p.2)
      2009 July K. King to Harvard
      2010 July 9 email, collector to K. King; she suspects "forgery"
      2011 June email, collector again to King, saying a "European manuscript dealer has offered a considerable amount"--dealer unidentified in Smithsonian (does KK know the identity?)--contacting her "before I sell it"
      2011 Dec. ms to K. King; she (sometime) titles it "The Gospel of Jesus' Wife" (According to Smithsonian, the collector had already introduced it, reportedly calling it "a Gnostic gospel that appeared to contain an 'argument' between Jesus and a disciple about Magdalene.")
      For more recent dates, see M. Grondin http://www.gospel-thomas.net/x_gjw.htm

      Stephen Goranson
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