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The GJW Fragment and the Grondin Interlinear

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  • Mike Grondin
    I guess it falls to me to announce the lastest news on the contents of the GJW Fragment to the list. Andrew Bernhard has posted a paper titled How The Gospel
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 11, 2012
      I guess it falls to me to announce the lastest news on the contents of the
      GJW Fragment to the list. Andrew Bernhard has posted a paper titled
      "How The Gospel of Jesus's Wife Might Have Been Forged: A Tentative
      This paper further develops some ideas that Andrew had written about
      earlier, among which the suggestion that a forger could have used the
      pdf (page-by-page) version of my interlinear.
      Mark Goodacre announced Andrew's paper, along with some comments
      and images of his own today:
      Subsequent to reading Mark's blog-entry, to which Stephen Goranson had
      added a timeline including the date of 1997 as the first copyright date shown
      on my pdf file, I did some investigation. It turns out that the pdf file was
      first made publicly available on 14 Nov 2002, through a note to GThomas
      titled "New Working Documents Now Available":
      Prior to that time, my website contained a set of gif images. I still have
      those and have looked at them: the 'M' is in its proper place on line 50.01.
      Which means that the earliest point in time at which anyone could have
      copied the typo on line 50.01 of my page-by-page interlinear was mid-
      November of 2002. What was going on with me at that point in time was
      that I was getting ready for my first SBL meeting, in Toronto (an easy trip
      from where I live.) The pdf of the interlinear was prepared in anticipation
      of handing it out at that meeting. Conveniently for documenting the events
      of that time, I posted the following to GThomas shortly after I came back:
      Titled "Delusions of Grandeur, or How I Sold My First 'Book'", it
      documents that I handed out five copies of my interlinear at the SBL
      meeting, and specifies (to my surprise) who I gave them to! All were
      respected folks except the one guy to whom I "sold" a copy (hence
      the title of the posting). As I said earlier, there's only an outside chance
      that this was the way that a supposed forger could have come across
      my page-by-page interlinear, but it's a possibility. Who knows what
      eventually happened to those copies?
      Mike Grondin
      p.s.: The 'discomfort' I mentioned in an earlier note has to do only
      with being the center of attention, which I dislike, not anything else.
    • Mike Grondin
      For those who haven t perused my webpage http://www.gospel-thomas.net/x_gjw.htm lately, this is to note that it s changed substantially since first posted.
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 14, 2012
        For those who haven't perused my webpage
        http://www.gospel-thomas.net/x_gjw.htm lately, this is to note that it's changed
        substantially since first posted. Among the latest changes are the addition
        of mentions of Leo Depuydt and Ariel Shisha-Halevy. About an hour ago,
        I added two short post-scriptal essays, one in particular about the possible
        connection with my interlinear. No new findings, but the background info
        may be of interest all the same.
        Mike Grondin
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