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Re: [GTh] Guest Post from Dick Harfield

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  • Mike Grondin
    Just a couple comments on Dick Harfield s post: 1. I assume that most everyone here is familiar with Crossan s BOC (1998), or at least should be, not least
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      Just a couple comments on Dick Harfield's post:
      1. I assume that most everyone here is familiar with Crossan's BOC (1998), or
      at least should be, not least because the appendices of his book exhaustively
      treat of the Jesus sayings found in Thomas and the synoptics. My recollection
      is that we discussed his theory of Q and GTh representing two streams diverging
      from a hypothetical "Common Sayings Tradition" some years back. In fact, we
      is a spreadsheet that I prepared and uploaded 12/21/2008, showing the 145 units
      into which Crossan divided the Thomas sayings.
      2. With respect to Dick's posting, my only role was to facilitate its appearance,
      since he's a non-member and not able to post otherwise. This should not be
      taken as an endorsement of early-dating views. In fact:
      3. Since the issue has arisen twice lately in my offlist correspondence, it should be
      made clear that there is no consensus on the dating of GTh, either on this list or
      in the broader scholarly community. As Chris Skinner notes in the conclusion
      of his WATSA-GTh book chapter on dating:
      "... scholars are nowhere near a consensus on the question of when Thomas was
      composed. Each view presented above* takes a segment of the available evidence
      and attempts to build a convincing case for dating Thomas." (p.27)
      Furthermore, Skinner notes that more recent views on the problem of dating
      (e.g., DeConick and Plisch) have focused on the dating of individual sayings,
      rather than the work as a whole. This allows for accomodation of those who
      maintain that some sayings were secondary and dependent upon the synoptics,
      while at the same time allowing an early date for other sayings, hence for original
      composition. (So DeConick, when questioned by Goodacre on her blog.)
      Mike Grondin
      (*Skinner doesn't include Crossan "above", but does cover his dating views in ch.5)
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