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[gthomas] Re: GThomas' date of composition

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  • Mike Grondin
    ... fragments found? Yes. ... complete coptic translation? Yes. ... Dunno, unless you re referring to the email group formerly known as GThom2 . ... Stay
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 1999
      At 08:01 PM 04/03/99 -0000, laurac@... wrote:
      >Does the Papyri Oxyrhynchi 1, 654 & 655 refer to the original Greek
      fragments found?


      >Does the Nag Hammadi Codex II,2 (The Gospel of Thomas) refer to the
      complete coptic translation?


      >And if so what is GThomas 2?

      Dunno, unless you're referring to the email group formerly known as 'GThom2'.

      >I obviously know very little about GThomas.

      Stay tuned. Lurk awhile.

      >... I'm still looking for ... any evidence to support that GThomas 44 was
      pulled from the synoptics.

      There is no such evidence. In fact, there's an on-going debate as to
      whether GThom is (partially) dependent on the synoptics, or the other way
      round. We don't know when GThom was originally written.

      >Which brings me to what's in the subject box. If Thomas claimed to have
      been close to Jesus, and witnessed these sayings first hand, why do most
      scholars believe that GThomas was first constructed somewhere between the
      mid-first and second century? Wouldn't they just assume that he wrote these
      things down during Jesus' lifetime?

      Thomas made no such claim. In fact, it's not even clear that Thomas existed
      in the first place. If he did, his name very quickly became symbolic, and
      was used as such. He most certainly did not write GThom. (If he had, he
      would have said of himself "when I returned to MY companions" in #61, not
      "when THOMAS returned to HIS companions".) Thomas is a central figure in
      GThom, but the title should not be taken to mean that he wrote it. Rather,
      those who wrote GThom used the presumed historical figure for their own
      purposes. This was not uncommon at the time.

      The Coptic GThomas, saying-by-saying

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