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[gthomas] Re: Fear Not

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  • Mike Grondin
    ... Not much - and nothing at all from a primary source. The assessment of Hennecke/Schneemelcher ( New Testament Apocrypha , 1959) is echoed by Willis
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 3, 1999
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      Steve Allison wrote:
      >Mike, somewhere I came across a verse from the Gospel of the Ebionites
      >which was similar to a verse in the Gospel of Thomas. How much of this
      >[Gospel of the Ebionites] survives?

      Not much - and nothing at all from a primary source. The assessment of
      Hennecke/Schneemelcher ("New Testament Apocrypha", 1959) is echoed by
      Willis Barnstone ("The Other Bible", 1984):

      "The Gospel of the Ebionites is a gospel harmony preserved in a few
      quotations in the writings of Epiphanius (a church writer who lived at the
      end of the fourth century A.D.). The original title of this gospel is
      unknown. The designation customary today is based on the fact that this was
      the gospel probably used by the Ebionites, a group of Greek-speaking Jewish
      Christians who were prominent thoughout the second and third centuries. ...
      much of the text is a harmony, composed in Greek, of the Gospels of Matthew
      and Luke (and, probably, the Gospel of Mark as well). Although Irenaeus
      (late in the second century) attests to the existence of this gospel, we
      are dependent solely upon the quotations given by Epiphanius for our
      knowledge of the contents of the text." (p.336)

      If you want, I can send you the passages quoted by Epiphanius offlist, but
      I myself don't see anything in them that's any more similar to GThom than
      are the canonical gospels.

      As you may know, there was a great deal of confusion among texts in early
      Xian writings. Someone or other might have quoted something from GThom and
      attributed it to some other source. It may be that the verse you're
      thinking of wasn't from the Gospel of the Ebionites, but from some other
      non-canonical text.

      The Coptic GThomas, saying-by-saying

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