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9884Re: [GTh] Listing the "Twins"

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  • M.W. Grondin
    May 2, 2011
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      > ('Fast' and 'pray' do occur elsewhere, but only in one other saying
      each, while 'sin'
      > occurs only in L14 and 104. Ref:
      Sorry, it wasn't my intention to ground my observations in the English, but in this case
      I inadvertently did. I overlooked the fact that the Coptic word for 'pray' in L73 is different
      than that in L14 and 104. One of the things I've tried to do with these word-displays is to
      include under each main entry other words that are synonymous with or otherwise closely
      related to the main word, especially if they're frequently translated with the same English
      word. Among other benefits, this allows the inclusion of some single-occurrence words
      like sopS that wouldn't otherwise be included in these displays, although in this case it
      tripped me up a bit. That only strengthens the case for pairing 6/14 & 104, however.
      Mike G.
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