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9882Re: [GTh] Listing the "Twins"

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  • M.W. Grondin
    May 2, 2011
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      My recent work on multi-saying words has sometimes yielded unexpected results.
      While working on the Coptic word-pair ouNte and mNte ('have' and 'have not')
      Friday, I came across two short sayings (L41 and L70) in which these words occur
      three times each. Consulting the notes I had written in my copy of The Fifth Gospel,
      I saw that I had written above L41 "see 70?", and a similar note above L70. Because
      of the question marks, I hadn't included 41 & 70 in my initial list of pairs, but now
      I think it's clear that these do constitute a pair, so I've added them at
      Interestingly, L41 has 'have' twice and 'have not' once, while L70 has 'have' once
      and 'have not' twice. Both sayings have roughly the same structure and the same
      theme (if you have something, it'll be good for you, if not, it won't). FWIW, the
      total number of letters in the two sayings is 180 (73+107).
      I should also say that I now agree with Plisch and Ian Brown that there is a definite
      connection between L104 ("when the bridegroom leaves the bridal chamber", etc)
      and the L6/14 halves. Although the structures are different, the sharing of three
      relatively infrequent words ('fast', 'pray', and 'sin') is too significant to ignore. ('Fast'
      and 'pray' do occur elsewhere, but only in one other saying each, while 'sin' occurs
      Mike Grondin
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