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9858Listing the "Twins"

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  • M.W. Grondin
    Apr 14, 2011
      As I've been working on http://www.gospel-thomas.net/keywords.htm, it
      occurred to me that, since I've got the sub-logia files, I might as well use them
      for another purpose as well - namely, to make displays of sayings "twins". I did
      that today, in a new section at the bottom of the above page, called "Closely-
      Related Sets" (the 6.1-14 pair isn't a "twin", so I couldn't use that name for the
      section). I think this is fairly well complete, but I'm hoping that somebody
      might get a chance to look this over to see what may be missing, or what may
      be surprising about my choices.
      One result of making this new section is that it becomes startlingly clear what I
      had never quite realized before - namely, that all 8 of the "twins" I've selected
      involve logia in the area 101-112. Certainly that must be statistically significant.
      It looks as if the last part of Coptic Thomas was heavily padded with sayings
      that sound a lot like earlier sayings. But why? Simply to make the text larger,
      or was there some reason to restate a select group of earlier sayings in a slightly-
      modified form?
      Mike G.
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