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9759Year-end Report

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  • M.W. Grondin
    Jan 3, 2011
      I'm pleased to be able to report that the past month was our highest-
      volume December ever (88 messages) , and that the past year (654 msgs)
      not only exceeded 2009 (520), but also six of the previous seven years.
      (Note that these numbers differ from those of Yahoogroups. I haven't 
      included deleted dupes; they do, because they don't subtract deletes.)
      Other than myself (24 msgs), December contributors included Bruce Brooks (15),
      Dave Hindley (13), Rick Hubbard (9), Bob Schacht and Jack Kilmon (7 each),
      Paul Lanier (5), Duckeon Cho (3), Tom Hickcox (2), and single contributions from
      Andrew Criddle, Andrew Philip Smith, and Milan Konvicka (of Marcion software
      fame). The most popular topic was "Logion 7", initiated by Dave Hindley. Our
      special thanks go out to him both for the topic and for pursuing it.
      On a month-by-month accounting, only two months this past year fell
      significantly short of expectations - July (18 msgs) and November (21).
      Every other month saw the posting of at least 42 messages, with eight months
      exceeding the adjusted seven-year average for that month. The highest-volume
      month? It wasn't December (2nd best), but rather the merry month of May (109).
      Overall, I'm satisfied with the current health of the list. It could be better, if
      there were more active contributors, or if we could count on a posting every
      three or four days from a half dozen folks, but in terms of our past history,
      we've done quite well this year. Thanks to all of you who posted in 2010!
      Mike Grondin
      Mt. Clemens, MI