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9608Re: [GTh] Dating Texts

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  • Michael Grondin
    Oct 1, 2010
      > BRUCE: ... I don't find [DeConick's] result convincing, either,
      > despite much effort, and I can tell you why. It looks circular
      > to me. Specifically, her model is of a text to all points of which
      > other sayings (in this case, Synoptically recognizable sayings)
      > were later added. This makes the unique (the most Gnostic)
      > part of Thomas be also the original part, and implies a later
      > rapprochement with Synoptic tradition. Is this ... convincing?

      No, but it isn't an accurate description of her model, either.
      Her "kernel" contains many Synoptically-recognizable sayings.

      Mike Grondin
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