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9554RE: [GTh] Coptic Keyboarding

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Sep 2, 2010

      Hi Mike-


      I found the list of letters not appearing with a superlinear in Layton's Coptic on 20 Lessons (p3).

      ⲁ, ⲇ, ⲉ, ⲍ, ⲏ, ⲑ, ⲓ, ⲟ, ⲩ, ⲫ, ⲭ,  ⲱ never appear with their own superlinear, according to him. Now, as you point out,  that does not mean that they are never part of entire bound forms that have a joining overstrokes (a different thing, grammatically) and which can be handled separately by inserting the overstroke between the characters as in with shift+a in the Askeland KB so that they appear as a single line. But then again, if you use this keyboard, freeing up keys doesn’t really make much difference in the long run.





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      ||Rick wrote:

      ||> One more thing I'm curious about. Layton (somewhere) has a list of the

      ||> glyphs that **never** have their own superlinear, so having the shift

      ||> superlinear function would not be necessary for all letters- that

      ||> would free up some keys, right? Or am I missing something here?


      ||Well, I guess I would say 'yes and no'. True, there's some letters that don't

      ||normally get their own superlinear stroke, but yet may need to be overlined on

      ||occasion. One example is Greek numbers (which the Copts used, as you know,

      ||and which were, of course, composed of overlined letters). Another is nomina

      ||sacra. Less obviously, there's those strange "names" associated with body parts

      ||in the Apocryphon of John, where the whole lengthy "name" is overlined.


      ||Still, most of the letters are rarely overlined, so the idea makes sense to me. I

      ||assume you're thinking of the possibility of freeing up some upper-case keys on

      ||the Mastronarde keyboard so that the ctrl-alt function could be eliminated?





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