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9550Re: [GTh] Coptic Keyboarding

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  • Michael Grondin
    Sep 1 10:15 PM
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      Rick wrote:
      > If I'm not mistaken Mike, all the CS fonts are legacy,
      > Maybe I missed something though, or maybe you want to just
      > this whole Unicode thing.

      No, it's not that. Although the CS fonts themselves are legacy fonts,
      they all adhere to the Coptic Fonts Standard for mapping the Coptic
      letters onto a QWERTY keyboard. There's no reason why this same
      mapping can't be done onto a Coptic Unicode keyboard, for use with
      a Unicode font. This would enable those who were familiar with the
      specific keying required for a CS font (ti as ']', e.g.) to type exactly the
      same way when using a Unicode font. The advantage for us non-CS
      users is that the Coptic Fonts Standard (CFS) uses non-alpha keyboard
      keys for some letters ('[', ']', e.g.) thus (by increasing the number of
      basic keys used from 26 to 31) making it possible to avoid both (1)
      putting two different Coptic letters on some of the keys (Askeland)
      and (2) using special keys for some letters (Mastronarde).

      I have, however, somewhat cooled to this idea as I've looked more into
      the Coptic Fonts Standard. Much of the reason for that is that I had
      hoped to use the shifted-alpha keys as Mastronarde does, namely as
      overstroked versions of the same letters assigned to the unshifted alpha
      keys. But I see that the CFS uses the shifted-alpha keys for larger
      versions of the same letters, while the over-stroke is on the '=' key. This
      would prevent my proposed keyboard from being fully CFS-compliant.

      I've uploaded the character-mapping specs for CFS here:

      ... which came in the "Download for Windows" file from here:

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