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9547Re: [GTh] Coptic Keyboarding

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  • Richard Hubbard
    Sep 1, 2010
      Hi Mike-

      One more thing I'm curious about. Layton (somewhere) has a list of the
      glyphs that **never** have their own superlinear, so having the shift
      superlinear function would not be necessary for all letters- that would
      free up some keys, right? Or am I missing something here?

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      |Alas, there's no end to my blundering. But at least I try to correct
      all mistakes. The
      |shifted-alpha keys on the Logos keyboard don't do the same thing (viz.,
      |as the shifted-alpha keys on the Mastronarde keyboard. So the two
      aren't the same
      |after all.
      |Perhaps Mastronarde used the MS Keyboard Layout Creator to alter the
      |keyboard. In any case, MSKLC was mentioned to me by Christian Askeland
      as the
      |tool he used to create his keyboard, and I have now downloaded it
      (free) from:
      |[ http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/goglobal/bb964665.aspx
      |If I can get some time to do so, I hope to create a Coptic Unicode
      keyboard that uses
      |the CS standard in its assignment of keys.
      |(There's more than one CS font, BTW, but they all use the CS standard,
      so the
      |keying is the same for any CS font.) I think that this will be a nice
      addition to the
      |Coptic keyboards we've been discussing, assuming I can figure out how
      to do it. (I'm
      |also assuming that no one else has yet done this. I haven't seen it in
      my searches,
      |but I better check it out more thoroughly first.) What I'm thinking is
      that such a
      |keyboard might (since it uses numeric keys for the extra letters) be
      able to combine
      |the virtues of the Mastronarde and Askeland keyboards.
      |Mike G.
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