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9546Re: [GTh] Coptic Keyboarding

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  • Richard Hubbard
    Sep 1, 2010
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      Hi Mike-

      Thanks for the info on the alternative Unicode fonts. I downloaded some
      of them to see what they look like. The two I think look best are
      Analecta and Titus. Both have some general appearance similarities to
      Coptic and NHC fonts. I'll be curious to see which (if any of these)
      meet your high esthetic standards :-)

      Also, much to my complete surprise I tried using the Arial Unicode MS
      font today and would you believe that out of 38,000 code points there
      are none for Coptic?

      Which (sort of) leads to another item of interest. As you know I have a
      rather large-ish database of Coptic vocabulary all in legacy fonts. I
      wonder what will be involved in converting this data to Unicode? I know
      there are some font converters out there for Greek legacy fonts: I tried
      an on-line one today and was really pleased with it. I pasted in about
      10,000 words from my GNT database (all in sgreek legacy font) and it
      made the change in just a few minutes, I imported the text in back into
      the data base and, like the Coptic Unicode, it sorts exactly the way it
      is supposed to (meaning no more convoluted programming to create
      artificial sort orders for THIS guy).

      BTW, I hope we are not boring everybody with this current topic. My
      apologies if we are

      Rick Hubbard

      |Apologies to Rick and other readers for what I said in my previous note
      about the
      |function of the shift key in the Mastronarde/Logos keyboard.
      |Rick is correct that a shifted alpha types the letter with an
      overstroke, and I entirely
      |agree that that's a very nice feature. It is also present in the two
      legacy fonts I used
      |on my site: Coptic, and Bernhard's NHC2.
      |The way the Askeland keyboard handles overstrokes is with shift-a.
      |One types the letter to be overstroked, then types shift-a. Not as
      quick and easy as
      |the Mastronarde/Logos keyboard, but not too bad.
      |Now on to the matter of Unicode fonts. Aside from the Coptic letters,
      I'm unhappy
      |with the general raggedy look of the fonts I've seen so far, so I'm
      trying to find (a
      |free) one that I can love (:-) Unfortunately, as I've mentioned before,
      not all Unicode
      |fonts have the Coptic block. I wasted some time last night downloading
      a few that
      |didn't. (I think the ones that don't are older ones.) But in mucking
      around, I was able
      |to find a site that groups Unicode fonts according to which blocks of
      the standard
      |they contain: [ http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/fontsbyrange.html
      |The Windows Unicode fonts that contain the Coptic block are listed as:
      |ALPHABETUM Unicode, Analecta, Code2000, Free Serif, MPH 2B Damase, New
      |Athena Unicode, Quivira, TITUS Cyberbit Basic
      |I don't know how old this list is (Antinoou isn't listed because it's
      too new; not sure
      |why Arial Unicode MS isn't listed), but I'll be trying to find and
      download the ones I
      |don't already have, hoping for something better than what I've seen so
      |Mike G.
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