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9544Re: [GTh] Coptic Keyboarding

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  • Michael Grondin
    Sep 1, 2010
      Alas, there's no end to my blundering. But at least I try to correct
      all mistakes. The shifted-alpha keys on the Logos keyboard don't
      do the same thing (viz., overstrike) as the shifted-alpha keys on
      the Mastronarde keyboard. So the two aren't the same after all.
      Perhaps Mastronarde used the MS Keyboard Layout Creator
      to alter the Logos keyboard. In any case, MSKLC was mentioned
      to me by Christian Askeland as the tool he used to create his
      keyboard, and I have now downloaded it (free) from:


      If I can get some time to do so, I hope to create a Coptic Unicode
      keyboard that uses the CS standard in its assignment of keys.
      (There's more than one CS font, BTW, but they all use the CS standard,
      so the keying is the same for any CS font.) I think that this will be a
      nice addition to the Coptic keyboards we've been discussing, assuming
      I can figure out how to do it. (I'm also assuming that no one else has
      yet done this. I haven't seen it in my searches, but I better check it out
      more thoroughly first.) What I'm thinking is that such a keyboard might
      (since it uses numeric keys for the extra letters) be able to combine
      the virtues of the Mastronarde and Askeland keyboards.

      Mike G.
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