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9512Re: [GTh] behold

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  • Michael Grondin
    Aug 25, 2010
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      Hi Timster, you wrote:
      > As far as "EIC" goes, I thought perhaps it could be a loan word from
      > Greek, but that is hard to tell as the Greek and Coptic get so mixed up
      > sometimes!

      My site can help with this. http://www.gospel-thomas.net/splitv.htm
      ... where the Greek words are colored-coded. Unfortunately,
      I see that I haven't (yet) done that with the lexicon,
      which is maybe where you got your list of occurrences?

      > I appreciate how you chose "listen" as the equivelency of "eis-2hhte"
      > One can "behold" with one's "mind" very well by using the ears, I
      > believe.

      Well, I didn't actually propose 'listen' as a general equivalent. In the
      one saying that has a Markan analogue, it seems to work, but elsewhere
      probably not. It occurred to me later that maybe 'hark!' might work in all
      cases, but then I looked it up and my OAD says 'hark' means 'listen'.
      (Though 'hark back' apparently means 'remember' inter alia!)

      > I have lots of other questions on Coptic/Greek Thomas that I'd like to
      > bring to the list here, if these type of questions are appropriate here
      > ...

      They are. And welcome, too.

      Mike G.
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