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9510Re: [GTh] behold

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  • chaptim45
    Aug 24, 2010

      Thanks for your reply. Very helpful.

      As far as "EIC" goes, I thought perhaps it could be a loan word from
      Greek, but that is hard to tell as the Greek and Coptic get so mixed up
      sometimes! But if as a stand alone word it means "behold", then I would
      concur with what you cite from Crum and Lambdin.

      In English I use "look" a lot, since I can be very visually oriented.
      But I've learned from the newer educational models that not everyone is
      visually inclined, and that others are aural and/or tactile oriented in
      their learning styles. So, I've learned to try to use "listen" or
      "feels like" in place of "look" sometimes.

      In this vein, I appreciate how you chose "listen" as the equivelency of
      "eis-2hhte" :) One can "behold" with one's "mind" very well by using
      the ears, I believe.

      I have lots of other questions on Coptic/Greek Thomas that I'd like to
      bring to the list here, if these type of questions are appropriate here,
      and time permits.

      Thanks again.

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