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9098Annual Report for 2009

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  • Michael Grondin
    Jan 3, 2010
      Although December was a typically slow month (25 messages),
      we did well for the year, with a total of 520. For the last seven
      years, the totals are as follows:

      2003: 655
      2004: 512
      2005: 413
      2006: 295
      2007: 561
      2008: 714
      2009: 520

      As you can see, 2009 was lower than three of the other six
      years, but also higher than three. As to overall trends, there
      was a downward trajectory in the 2003-06 period, but then a
      healthy rebound in the last three years. If we discount the 2008
      total as being due in large part to a special contributor program
      that has since had to be abandoned, these last three years have
      been pretty consistently in line with the target of 45 messages
      per month - which works out to 540 a year. That will be our goal
      in 2010, but before moving on, we need to pause for a moment to
      thank all those who contributed to making 2009 another successful
      year. Some were new voices, some long-time contributors, but we
      are grateful to them all. We hope that they and others will "stay tuned"
      during the coming year, and will occasionally take the time to pass
      their thoughts on to us - whether in response to something they
      read here, or initiating a thread of their own.

      Thanks and best wishes,
      Mike Grondin