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9073Monthly Report

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  • Michael Grondin
    Dec 2, 2009
      In my October report, I had expressed the hope that we would
      get 54 messages in November, and, surprisingly, that's exactly
      what happened! That brings the current year to 495 messages,
      which is even par with the goal of 45 messages per month. The
      bad news is that December is typically a slow month (second
      lowest monthly average to February), and we're off to a slow
      start, so it's probably going to be a struggle to hit par for the year,
      unless something comes along like the interaction with Davies, to
      spur our monthly activity. We've already passed 2005 and 2006,
      and need but 18 to pass 2004, so keep up the good work, y'all.
      If you're like me, you've tucked away little things you wanted to
      write about, but something came up and you never did. Why not
      dust 'em off and trot 'em out as a Christmas present to the rest
      of us? They'd be new to us, so we'd never know the difference.

      Best to all,
      Mike Grondin
      Mt. Clemens, MI
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