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9019Monthly Report for October '09

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  • Michael Grondin
    Nov 4, 2009
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      After mulling over several different ways to measure the success
      (or lack thereof) of the list, I now think that a simple metric may be
      best. An average rate of 1.5 messages per day would yield 45 per
      month (simplifying each month to 30 days), which seems neither
      too much for the reader to handle, nor too little for conversation to
      dry up (as it has, unfortunately, the last 10 days or so). Such an
      average rate would yield 540 messages per year, which would be
      above the totals for three of the last six years (2003-08), and close
      to a fourth, so it seems like a goal which is achievable, but not
      so easily that it would come without effort.

      So how are we doing so far? October was below par, with 34
      messages (partially my own fault, but my absence was largely
      unavoidable). For the year, we now have 441 messages over
      10 months, less than the goal of 450, but within striking range.
      I hope, then, for a November posting of 54 messages, which
      would bring us up to par.

      On the matter of my (Thomas) website, it remains at Geocities awaiting
      the availability of my new domain-name, which is still in limbo. For some
      reason, Melbourne IT (which is apparently the license-agent for
      Yahoo) hasn't yet released the name so that I can re-request it.
      The Yahoo people said it would take some time, but I didn't
      anticipate that it would take this long. If the Yahoo techies can't
      figure a way around this problem pretty soon, I may have to decide
      whether to change the first part of the domain-name (from 'gospel-
      of-thomas') or choose an alternate ending. ('.info' instead of '.net'?
      Seems odd but appropriate, eh? Suggestions welcome.)

      Best wishes to all our subscribers,
      Mike Grondin