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8925RE: [GTh] Chris Skinner's Book

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Sep 3, 2009
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      This is the story of my life. A discount shows up AFTER I paid full retail
      for the book.

      On the other hand, after a quick first read, it was worth every nickel I
      paid for it if for no other reason than that it has a marvelous overview of
      the trajectory of Thomas studies (most especially for folks who are
      foot-note chasers as I am).

      On yet another hand (keeping in mind that I have only two) I'm reserving
      comment on the remainder of Chris's monograph until I have had a chance to
      digest it a little more. In any case, I'm pretty sure there is a lot of
      grist for the mill of discussion in what he wrote.

      Rick Hubbard
      Humble Maine Woodsman

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      ||Subject: [GTh] Chris Skinner's Book
      ||Author and list-member Chris Skinner has arranged with his
      ||publisher Wipf and Stock for a special discount of 40% on his
      ||recent (Jun 09) book _John and Thomas - Gospels in Conflict?_
      ||(subtitled "Johannine Characterization and the Thomas Question")
      ||In its email to Andrew Bernhard and myself, W&S says:
      ||> Customers can receive a 40% discount off the retail price
      ||> by entering the coupon code [SKINNER] at checkout, when
      ||> the book is purchased through our website. The coupon code
      ||> will be active through the end of September. Below is a direct
      ||> link to the book's page:
      ||The website indicates a retail price of $30 and a discount price
      ||of $24, which is 20% off. The special discounted price of 40%
      ||off should result in a cost of $18. Whether there are additional
      ||shipping costs, or whether the book can be obtained elsewhere
      ||at lower overall cost, I don't know.
      ||This does not constitute an endorsement of the views contained
      ||in Chris' book, nor is it necessary to buy the book to participate
      ||in the discussions we'll be having after an interview that Andrew B.
      ||and I conducted via email with Chris appears on Andrew's website,
      ||which will be after Labor Day. I think, though, that the book is an
      ||important contribution to the on-going debate about the relationship
      ||between the gospels of John and Thomas. Andrew and received review
      ||copies today, and although I haven't had time yet to peruse it thoroughly,
      ||I can tell you all already that it isn't an easy read, so be warned of
      ||Mike Grondin
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