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8799Re: [GTh] Monthly Report for May

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  • Michael Grondin
    Jun 1, 2009
      > My experience, with about 10 years on XTalk , etc., is that there's
      > nothing like a good question to increase participation. Go back and
      > take a look at those busy months, and look for the spark that set the
      > discussion in motion. IIRC, you used to be a pretty good instigator,
      > yourself. :-)

      Don't have the energy I used to, Bob. And the right words don't come as
      easily, either. In fact, sometimes they don't come at all. Actually,
      although I didn't say so in my message, I was aware that it was your note
      of April 30th that was the spark that ended a dry spell of eight days on
      XTalk and led to a very active May. Of course, without the hyperactivity
      of the one subscriber, the volume might have been only half of what it was,
      but that's still a good response to your instigating question(s). Sound

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