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8796Monthly Report for May

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  • Michael Grondin
    Jun 1, 2009
      Thanks to Stephen Carlson, the 36 messages posted to our list in
      May was higher than the preceding six years - but we still lost ground
      to XTalk, which had a huge month of 111 messages. (Five month
      totals = our 218 to their 269.) XTalk's May was similar to our February
      (where we had 120 messages). In both cases, the large volume
      was sparked by one hyperactive contributor. In fact, the XTalk
      contributor in question posted more messages in May than our
      entire list! This is not to disparage such individual activity, but
      to indicate that such months are unusual.

      What most concerns me is that the number of active contributors
      to the list remains too low. I suspect that the basic reasons for this
      are our relatively limited focus and a declining degree of attention
      paid to this type of forum, but whatever the basic reasons, we still
      have almost 280 members (with almost no dead addresses, unlike
      other lists which never cull those out), so if but a few more of our
      subscribers could be enticed (or jolted) out of absolute lurker-mode
      from time to time, I think we'd be better off. Of course, a lurker level
      of around 90% is pretty standard, but still, a few active contributors
      makes a big difference.

      Mike G.
      Mt. Clemens, MI
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