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8718Typing Coptic using Windows Vista

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  • Judy Redman
    Mar 12, 2009
      I know this is somewhat off topic, but I figured that on a list to discuss
      Thomas there must be people who type Coptic. One of the new postgrad
      students at my univrsity is doing work in Nag Hammadi and his brand new
      laptop has Windows Vista installed on it. I use the Logos Coptic keyboard
      to type my Coptic, but it doesn't work on Vista (so I "downgraded" back to
      XP). Today we installed Keyman and the Greek polytonic keyboard that Keyman
      recommends for use with Coptic onto his computer and it sort of works, but
      is pretty clunky and you have to use the Alt key for a significant number of
      Coptic characters which is a pain. AND you have to pay for it after the one
      month trial period. He doesn't have a great deal of money, especially after
      buying the new laptop, so this is a disincentive. The keyboard mapping sucks
      for Greek, let alone Coptic.

      Is there anyone out there who types reasonable slabs of Coptic, using Vista
      and has found a way to do it that is smooth and trouble-free? If so, it
      would be good if you contacted me off-list to tell me about it, please.


      Rev Judy Redman
      Uniting Church Chaplain
      University of New England
      Armidale 2351 Australia
      ph: +61 2 6773 3739
      fax: +61 2 6773 3749
      web: http://www.une.edu.au/chaplaincy/uniting/ and
      email: jredman@...
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