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8578RCP Lineup for January

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  • Michael Grondin
    Jan 3, 2009
      Happy New Year to all! I'm pleased to announce that Richard
      Godijn has agreed to join Paul Lanier as featured Regular
      Contributors for January. (Don Traxler will be travelling some
      during the month, but may contribute from time to time.)

      As to the Regular Contributor Program (RCP) itself, it's now
      six months old, and continues to be a success. Once again the
      number of messages posted last month has exceeded our adjusted
      monthly average for the years 2001-2007. And as anticipated, we've
      had our highest volume year since 2002. The 714 messages posted
      to our list during 2008 compares favorably with Crosstalk2 (455)
      and Synoptic-L (546). I want to stress again, however, that it isn't
      a goal of this program to stimulate high volume - it's to eliminate
      long dry spells. Take 2007 for contrast. The total number of messages
      that year was higher than any of the preceding three years, but 45% of
      the annual volume occurred in one month! There was no activity at all
      the last three months of the year. That's what we want to avoid.

      What's the best average volume for a group such as this? Myself,
      I think it's somewhere between 1.5 (540/yr) and 2.0 (720/yr) msgs/day.
      Three of the last six months (Jul, Sep, Dec) have been in or close to
      that range, while the other three have greatly exceeded it. A related
      stat of interest is that if the first six months of 2008 had had the same
      volume as the last six (the period under RCP), the annual total would
      have been 850 - which may seem high, but is actually lower than 2001
      and 2002 (901 and 1150 msgs, respectively). I look forward to seeing
      how the program evolves as the new year progresses.