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8372RE: [GTh] Transcribing the Greek Fragments

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  • Paul Lanier
    Nov 1, 2008
      Hi Mike, I can help, at least with proofing. I am glad you are going to represent the text in caps, as close to the MS as possible. I think this simplifies analysis. Regards, Paul

      Michael Grondin wrote:
      > Back on October 9th, Roger Mott asked what happened to
      > Andrew Bernhard's interlinear presentation of the Greek
      > fragments, to which I had linked from my own interlinear
      > presentation of the Coptic. I've since been in contact with
      > Andrew, and here's how things stand currently: Andrew is
      > rebuilding his site in a different direction such that his
      > Thomas material may no longer have a place there. He has
      > graciously offered his presentations of the Greek fragments
      > to me, for placement on my site. The transfer process is now
      > underway, albeit slowly.
      > As this unfolded, however, I came to realize that the lettering
      > on Andrew's images (as well as that of any other transcription
      > I'd seen - including Layton's) didn't match the kind of lettering
      > on the P.Oxy. fragments. Apparently, the standard way to
      > represent a text written in Greek is to use small Greek letters.
      > The P.Oxy. fragments, however, were written in capital letters,
      > using the Coptic forms, which is some cases differed from
      > Greek capitals. In fact, the lettering on the P.Oxy. fragments
      > looks very much like the lettering on the NH codices. So a
      > radical thought occurred to me: hey, why not show the P.Oxy.
      > fragments using Coptic capital letters, just as it was written?
      > I don't know whether this has yet been done, but in any case
      > I'm starting on this little project, using Layton's transcription
      > as a base, and hoping that maybe someone will volunteer to
      > either check my work or otherwise help out. In the end, I plan
      > to link to the thus-created images, either instead of or in
      > addition to, the standard small-letter Greek presentations.
      > Mike
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