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8267RE: [GTh] Re: Thomas vs Synoptics

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  • Judy Redman
    Oct 5, 2008
      Hi Maurice,

      Wikipedia (which in this case is quite reliable) says

      "The Farrer theory (also called the Farrer-Goulder hypothesis) is a possible
      solution to the synoptic problem. The theory is that the Gospel of Mark was
      written first, followed by the Gospel of Matthew and then by the Gospel of

      "It has mainly been advocated by English biblical scholars. It is named for
      Austin Farrer, who wrote _On Dispensing With Q_ in 1955, but it has been
      picked up by other scholars including Michael Goulder and Mark Goodacre.

      "The Farrer theory has the advantage of simplicity, as there is no need for
      hypothetical sources to be created by academics. Instead, advocates of the
      Farrer theory argue, the Gospel of Mark was used as source material by the
      author of Matthew. Lastly, Luke used both of the previous gospels as sources
      for his Gospel."

      And if you are interested in a summary of the multiplicity of theories about
      the sources of the gospels, you can visit Stephen Carlson's blog which has
      colour-coded summaries, complete with diagrams.


      Incidentally, whilst searching for something succinct on google, I came
      across a site that offers the following:

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      > Hello Richard ....
      > In your post # 8255 on Thomas vs the Synoptics, you point out
      > "Even Stephen Patterson (who favors an independence view)
      > agrees that Markan, Matthean or Lukan redaction can be found
      > in Thomas in about 10 places (a proponent of the Farrer
      > hypothesis would add many more to this list)"
      > Might it be possible for you (in just a few words) to
      > capsulize for those of us who are unfamiliar with Farrer the
      > essential jist of his hypothesis ????
      > Maurice Cormier
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