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7873Re: [GTh] Two Thomases ?

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  • Michael Grondin
    Jan 3, 2008
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      > I can't locate it at the moment, but I have a recollection of once
      > coming across an etymological comment indicating that 'Thomas'
      > came from a phrase that meant something like "two things". Maybe
      > that has some connection with "doubting Thomas" and/or the
      > warning about being "double-minded" in some Christian texts.
      > It may be that the names had this sense in addition to 'twin'.

      Still can't locate the reference to this, but with respect to DIDYMOS,
      a simple Greek dictionary indicates that it can mean 'double' or 'two-fold',
      which is precisely the meaning(s) I had in mind. Also of interest is that,
      according to Westcott (_The Occult Power of Numbers_), the number
      five was occasionally called 'didymos', "... because it divided the
      Decad into two equal parts".

      Hopefully, it's clear that the two senses I'm trying to distinguish here
      are (1) being a double or twin of someone/thing else, and (2) having
      a dual nature, as in 'two-fold'. I suspect that both 'Thomas' and 'Didymos'
      had both senses.

      Mike Grondin
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