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  • jmgcormier
    Sep 17, 2007
      I have noticed repeatedly that most translators of Thomas ...
      certainly Blatz, Lambdin, Layton, Patterson / Meyer, Doresse (also
      Mike Grondin) tend to translate the beginning of logion 5 by way of
      the word "what". (Recognize "what" is in your sight / face ...")

      Of interest, Henri-Charles Peuch (along with the other early
      translators Guillaumont and Quispel) translates this sentence (my
      French into English) as "Jesus said - know "he" (or "the one") who is
      before you ...", thus avoiding the word "what". (Unfortunately, in his
      translation footnotes, Peuch does not explain why he chooses to do

      Would anyone know of other translators who use "who" instead of "what"
      (which seems to make much more sense to me), or again could someone
      conversant in Coptic or its grammar perhaps explain how this subtilty
      may have been overlooked in more recent translations ? In short, are
      the words "what" and "he" interchangeable in Coptic as long as they
      are masculin and singular perhaps, or am I missing something much more
      profound here?