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7525Re: [GTh] Thomas saying 64 and the synoptics

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  • Michael Grondin
    Mar 4 10:10 PM
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      David Arbuckle wrote:
      > In Robert Eisenman's book James the Just, he claims
      > that Origen says this because in the original versions
      > of Josephus that is exactly what it says.

      Eisenman speculates way too much to be considered a
      reputable authority, and James isn't such a major figure in
      Josephus that this possibility can be seriously maintained.
      There's more on this subject in my note of 9/22/06:


      > He claims the Church redacted it because they had the
      > copies of Josephus, but apparently a syriac version of
      > it conflicts with it....

      This makes no sense. If the church altered Josephus,
      why didn't they make it say what Origen claimed it said?
      (You may be mixing this up with Josephus' Jesus
      passage - the "Testimonium". That was altered, for sure.)

      Mike Grondin
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