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7228Re: Recovering Thomas

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  • Adaire
    Sep 4, 2006
      --- In gthomas@yahoogroups.com, "sarban" <sarban@...> wrote:
      > "I find the proposed history of development of Thomas broadly
      > convincing but remain convinced that the earliest ascertainable
      form of
      > Thomas, the 'Thomas Kernel' is dependent on the synoptics."
      > Andrew Criddle

      Bart D. Ehrman makes the point in his "The Orthodox Corruption of
      Scripture" and even more succinctly in his "Misquoting Jesus" that
      the monasteries of Egypt were extremely careful in preserving
      manuscripts unaltered and intact. I think that "Thomas" coming from
      the Pachomian monasteries is probably far superior as to the original
      words of Jesus than the synoptics.

      The politics and war at the end of the first century and the
      beginning of the second were probably the cause of the reinvention of
      Jesus' words and teachings.

      Adaire Cain
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