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7198Re: [GTh] Recovering Thomas

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  • Michael Grondin
    Jul 24, 2006
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      [Andrew Criddle from DeConick's latest book]:
      > The list of the kernel is
      > 2,4(2-3),5,6(2-3),8,9,10,11(1),14(4),15,16(1-3),17,20(2-4),21(5),21(10-11),23(1),24(2-3),25,26,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,38(1),39,40,41,42,44(2-3),45,46(1-2a,c),47,48,54,55,57,58,61(1),62(1-2),63(1-4),64(1-11),65(1-8),66,68(1),69(2),71,72,73,74,76,78,79,81,82,86,89,90,91(2),92,93,94,95,96(1-3),97,98,99,100(1-3),102,103,104,107,109,111(1)
      > Also 12 and 68(2) are regarded as very early additions to the kernel

      This list agrees in almost all particulars with her earlier paper ("The
      Original _Gospel of Thomas_"), with some uncertainty due to the use of
      lower-case letters in her paper (some of which are easily translatable into
      the standard numbering, some not.) It is confusing, however, that _all_ the
      parts of 62, 63, 65, and 96 are shown in parens. Is this your doing or hers?
      Since #62, e.g., contains only two parts, why doesn't it appear as simply
      '62' instead of '62(1-2)'? But I notice this also in her paper, where 33 and
      47 are split into parts, but every part is labelled 'kernel', so one wonders
      why she bothered to split it. (?)

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