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7192Re: [GTh] Recovering Thomas

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  • andrewcriddle
    Jul 21, 2006
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      --- In gthomas@yahoogroups.com, "Judy Redman" <jredman@...> wrote:
      > ...................................
      > Andrew, how are you defining "dependent on"? When I read/hear it,
      I think
      > that it's saying that the writer had copies of a manuscript from
      which s/he
      > copied passages more or less directly into her/his new document.
      Using that
      > definition, it seems extremely unlikely to me that GTh is dependent
      on the
      > Synoptics. Unless Mike is right and Coptic GTh is a total
      rearrangement of
      > the text to fit it around some sort of numerically based secret
      code (sorry,
      > Mike, if this is too simplistic a summary of your argument), I
      think GTh
      > bears the hallmarks of a document that is very close to the oral
      > transmission phase of its existence, whereas the Synoptics have
      > some quite extensive editing. I find it very difficult to believe
      that the
      > author of Thomas would deliberately take the carefully ordered
      material from
      > the Synoptics and rip it apart and scatter it around, unless Mike is
      > correct.
      > I have no difficulty with the possibility that the Thomas Kernel
      and the
      > Synoptics are based on common sources, although I find common oral
      > more convincing than written material, but for me that's not the
      same as
      > Thomas being dependent on the Synoptics.
      > Judy
      > --
      Hi Judy

      When I said that Thomas was dependent on the synoptics I
      meant to include indirect as well as direct dependence.
      In fact I don't think the Thomas Kernel was directly based
      on the separate Greek gospels as we have them but on sources
      (oral or written) derived from them.

      These sources may include an early Syriac/Aramaic paraphrase
      of Matthew and an early Greek synoptic harmony.

      I don't however see clear evidence in any of the Thomas sayings
      with synoptic parallels that they are more primitive than the
      synoptic versions of these sayings.

      Andrew Criddle
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