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7012Re: Gospel of Thomas and Oriental Spiritual Approches

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  • benedictlo1
    Jan 13, 2006
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      > Hi Benedict,
      > In what context is the Gospel of the Holy Twelve introduced? It's a
      > late nineteenth century fake by Rev. G. J. Ouseley.
      > Andrew Smith

      Hi Andrew:

      If the 1st edition of the Gospel of Holy 12 (GoH12) was published a
      few years earlier than the Greek fragments of GoTh unearthed, we all
      needs an explanation in why there are quite a few passages in the
      GoH12 overlapped with GoTh. I did some research including visiting the
      British Library to check it out. They said the 1st edition of the
      GoH12 was destroyed during the WWII. Judging by the contents compiled
      in the GoH12, I also feel that the GoH12 is a fake one. But some one
      must prove that it is really a fake one. Nevertheless, there are a
      few chapters (such as chapter 90 of GoH12) are worth of reading.

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