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7008Gospel of Thomas and Oriental Spiritual Approches

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  • benedictlo1
    Jan 12, 2006
      Exactly 60 years after The Gospel of Thomas was unearthed, the first
      Chinese gThomas book, entitled "The Spiritual Analects of Jesus - The
      Gospel of Thomas" has been published (Nov. 2005) by Lapen Press (Press
      of Literature History and Philosophy) in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

      The contents of this book are:
      1. Introduction
      2. The Spiritual Analects of Jesus:
      Left page: Full Chinese translation parallel to English translation.
      Right page: Coptic/Chinese (as Michael Grondin did for English
      version but more explanation in coptic grammar) and
      Greek/Chinese interlinear translation.

      3. The Spiritual Analects of Jesus in Chinese [2nd version] (with only
      one "Jesus said" and with minor editing).

      4. Commentary and related documents:
      (Many Church father's documents, The Jesus Sutras [found in
      Dun-Huang China 1908], Toa-De Jin, Buddhism documents, Zen poems,
      Chinese ancient philosophers' documents are included and discussed
      in the commentary)

      5. Appendices:
      (1) Chapter 90 of the Gospel of Holy Twelve: What is Truth?
      (2) The Gospel of Mary (Coptic/Chinese Interlinear and full Chinese
      (3) Lord's prayer (Coptic/Chinese Interlinear translation).

      This book was written in a highly academic way. In addition, many
      sayings were presented with the Chinese poetic manner (something like
      Zen poem style). One may find that ~40% of the comments in this book
      were extracted from western authors' publications and 60% were newly
      introduced by the author. For example, saying 33 was reformatted in
      such way that the spiritual hearing system and spiritual visual system
      are listed side by side for comparison:

      spiritual hearing system spiritual visual system
      Ear (Copt- maaje) Bushel (Copt- maaje)
      Words listened (Copt– swtM erof) Light (Copt– ouoein)
      Ear [of heart](Copt– xM pke maaje) Lamp (Copt– xhBS)
      Housetop(Copt– jenepwr) Lampstand (Copt– luynia)
      Proclaim (Copt– ta0eoei0) Light a lamp (Copt– e0are fjere xhBS)
      [Words received by everyone's ear] Everyone.. see its light (Copt–
      euna nau apef ouoein)

      Georgetown University
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