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  • Judy Redman
    Nov 4, 2005
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      David writes:

      > Thanks for the attempted translation, Judy. Note, this is
      > "New" traditionsgeschichtliche; not just any
      > traditionsgeschichtliche.
      > Was there an "Old" traditiongeschichtliche.

      Should this have had a smiley after it too, David? :-) The problem is that
      I am a university chaplain - students ask me about things and I try to find
      answers for them. And much of the thinking around this will be of use when
      I write the methodology chapter of my thesis. :-)

      In case it shouldn't have had a smiley, looking at the list of sections
      under the heading "New" Traditionsgeschichtliche Approach

      1.1 The Historical Contexture of Traditions
      1.2 The Referential Horizon of Traditions
      1.3 The Communal Nature of Traditions
      1.4 The Responsive Nature of Traditions
      1.5 The Shift of Traditions
      1.6 Streams of Traditions
      1.7 Transmission of Traditions

      it seems likely that DeConick is proposing that there are some particular
      things that need to be taken into account in Traditionsgeschichte that
      haven't been looked at so intentionally in the past. I have no memory of
      seeing a list of things that need to be considered that included all these
      things. I'm used to much more general statements such as "Tradition
      criticism (including form criticism) studies how information was passed from
      one generation to another before it was put in its present form. ...
      Tradition criticism attempts to trace the stages by which these traditions
      were handed down, the forms they took at those various stages, and the forms
      in which they reached the people who committed them to writing."
      (http://www.shakinandshinin.org/BiblicalCriticism.html) So perhaps the new
      approach is a more structured and intentional one.

      We will have to wait until we get copies of the book and see.


      " Let us forever remember that the sense for the sacred is as vital to us as
      the light of the sun." - Abraham Joshua Heschel, 1944

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