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  • Ron McCann
    Nov 2 4:55 PM
      Rebuke taken, and well deserved.
      Whatever got into me?

      At 06:17 PM 11/2/05, you wrote:

      >Ron McCann wrote:
      > >I googled this lady. Seems she is an Associate Professor of Religion
      > >at Westleyn University specializing in ancient biblical studies.
      > >Seems she specializes in ancient mystical teachings both Judaic and
      > >otherwise. Looks like she and Wade Grenier are, at a minimum, close
      > >friends and members of the same Unitarian Universalist Congregation.
      >Aw, c'mon. . . . surely we don't need this kind of thing. April deConick is
      >a credentialled, well-published, and ENORMOUSLY respected expert on the
      >Gospel of Thomas. Looking into her religious beliefs or association with
      >other individuals BEFORE reading her work and assessing her conclusions is
      >inappropriate and quite beside the point. You want to research a scholar,
      >look first at what they've WRITTEN, not their personal life. I wonder
      >whether we'd be as quick to personalize the discussion if April weren't a
      >"lady." If one wants to critique her work, it ought to be on the basis of
      >the cogency (or lack thereof) of the work itself, the accuracy and strength
      >of her arguments, and so forth.
      > >I just hope it's not bent too far into the mystical and meditative.
      >This assumes that you know in advance exactly how mystical Thomas OUGHT to
      >be. Why not read the argument, assess how convincing it is, and THEN decide?
      >And sorry, Ron, if these comments seem a little personal -- I don't intend
      >them so much as a rebuke to you individually as a response to a *kind* of
      >approach to scholarship that I am seriously bothered by.
      >William Arnal
      >University of Regina
      >Gospel of Thomas Homepage: http://home.epix.net/~miser17/Thomas.html
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