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  • William Arnal
    Nov 2 4:17 PM
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      Ron McCann wrote:

      >I googled this lady. Seems she is an Associate Professor of Religion
      >at Westleyn University specializing in ancient biblical studies.
      >Seems she specializes in ancient mystical teachings both Judaic and
      >otherwise. Looks like she and Wade Grenier are, at a minimum, close
      >friends and members of the same Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

      Aw, c'mon. . . . surely we don't need this kind of thing. April deConick is
      a credentialled, well-published, and ENORMOUSLY respected expert on the
      Gospel of Thomas. Looking into her religious beliefs or association with
      other individuals BEFORE reading her work and assessing her conclusions is
      inappropriate and quite beside the point. You want to research a scholar,
      look first at what they've WRITTEN, not their personal life. I wonder
      whether we'd be as quick to personalize the discussion if April weren't a
      "lady." If one wants to critique her work, it ought to be on the basis of
      the cogency (or lack thereof) of the work itself, the accuracy and strength
      of her arguments, and so forth.

      >I just hope it's not bent too far into the mystical and meditative.

      This assumes that you know in advance exactly how mystical Thomas OUGHT to
      be. Why not read the argument, assess how convincing it is, and THEN decide?

      And sorry, Ron, if these comments seem a little personal -- I don't intend
      them so much as a rebuke to you individually as a response to a *kind* of
      approach to scholarship that I am seriously bothered by.

      William Arnal
      University of Regina
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