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  • Tom Saunders
    Jan 13, 2005
      IMO themes shared between the Gospel of Thomas and
      Alexandrian Gnostic traditions but not present in either the
      Acts of Thomas or Thomas the Contender are not evidence
      for membership of the 'School of Thomas'.

      School is in session!

      Some texts attributed to Thomas are not going to be cohesive to what we can construct for the core ideals in the 'membership' of the body of texts related to Thomas. I don't think any of the creation myth texts can be seen to relate directly to the GThom, but I can't discount their content to be completely alien from Thomas.

      Mike is correct about his statement about me not being able to separate myself from being a martial artist. In my defense for using comparisons to this type of learning, I have become both structure and substance of the form I practice. I would contend this process is very much like what NHL texts refer to when using the symbol of the garment, or becoming a pneumatiphor, spirit bearer.

      I contend that becoming a pneumatic (Craftsmen, spirit bearer, Gnostic, gifted, etc.), requires you to become the structure and substance of the communion you seek. This leaves the GThom as the central instrument in 'School of Thomas' storehouse of knowledge for that 'form' which you seek to transcend into. That garment you need to learn to wear.

      The membership to what is related to Thomas has to be from, pardon the expression, Point A. That point where 'you' become the 'Wisdom' of the GThom. It is from here that the 'elements' must be examined to see how the core concepts of that 'membership,' relate, based upon the transition of the structure and substance of the text, to the substance and structure of the being.

      I think what belongs to the GThomas 'membership' defines the substance and structure/elements and process of the transition, conceived in the learning of the GThom. I see a strong relationship to it in the content of many of the NHL texts. The difference from apples and oranges is where you put Point A., but I see point A in the 'School of Thomas' schema as the real starting place to examine the 'membership.'

      If so, what is next to do to show this relationship?

      Tom Saunders
      Platter, OK

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