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  • BitsyCat1@aol.com
    Apr 6, 2004
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      In a message dated 04/06/2004 09:40:17 PM, warnal@... writes:

      > ... Thomas to date Paul's letters, we'd end up dating letters
      > like 1 Cor and Philippians to the second century, I suspect.

      I think that many are overly cautious of Thomas because they still ascribe
      to the theory that there is Guilt by association.

      That is, because it was found in the Nag Hummadi that it must then be late
      and Gnostic.

      As noted this is a false Premise.

      I would also note that Davies has suggested a pre existent Jewish Gnostic
      like Genre emerging in the first century.

      If this were so?

      The Jewish revolt in the 60s may have caused the dissolution and
      scattering of the proponents of this Genre and Belief system.

      Failing the initial movement This would then be taken up" after the
      Revolt" by the emerging Christian Church.

      That is it may be understandable that such would disappear, For a time
      only to emerge later..
      It might very well be expected.

      John Moon
      Springfield, Tenn 37172

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