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  • Wade and April
    Apr 3, 2004
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "William Arnal"

      > >Is April's
      > >work available online? Can you easily send me your "rigorous work?"
      > The answer to both questions is, probably not. I am not aware of April's
      > article being on-line, nor my own. I know that sometime within the last
      > couple years, someone had wanted to post my HTR piece on their website, so
      > wrote to HTR about the copyright, and never got a response. I forget who
      > wanted to do this, and don't know whether they went ahead with it anyway.
      > doubt it.

      April's article is not online for free. It is available as a download for a
      charge from Brill's website for the Vigiliae Christianae publication. The
      website is at:
      and her article is under "Volume 56, Number 2 2003."

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