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5286RE: [GTh] The Kingdom sayings

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  • Rick Hubbard
    Oct 2 4:31 AM

      Several questions arise about the manner in which you have tried to classify
      certain blocks of material in Thomas. In particular, what are the criteria
      by which you identify the so called "Kingdom Sayings"? Is it that you have
      located every occurrence of "kingdom" [MNTERO] in the text and concluded
      that the adjacent material is therefore part of the genus "Kingdom Saying"?

      If that is the case, then do I understand correctly that you have further
      categorized these sayings by examining whether they contain the
      constructions "kingdom of heaven" or "kingdom of the father" as markers of
      whether they should be called KoH or KoF?

      Thanks for the clarification.

      Rick Hubbard
      Humble Maine Woodsman
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