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4506Dating evidence.

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  • Tom Saunders
    Jun 2, 2002
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      According to Robinson (Nag Hammidi Library text) one of the Greek copies of Thomas is dated older than 200 ce. However, he does not say where and I cannot find the location where this Thomas was found. Can anyone tell me?

      Irenaeus identifies around sixteen Gnostic sects in the 'Against Heresies' text. Perhaps the location of the find might pin down who had it.

      Robinson also claims Irenaeus in his books 'Against Hereseys' identifies the 'Apochrophon of John' in conjuction with Gospels of Mark, Luke, Matt. and John. I found that this is not the case in that it is the Apocalypse of John, which Irenaeus identifies. The Apocalypse text is much more like that of Clememt, Polycarp, Ignacius, and even more like Barnabas than the Apocraphon in the Nag Hammadi. The contrast in styles of the texts seems very plain to me after reading both. From this experience I think most of the Nag Hammadi is Valentinian and can be seen as such just from writings styles.


      Tom Saunders
      Platter Flats, OK

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