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4100RE: [GTh] Of/According to Thomas

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  • Jacob Knee
    Sep 9, 2001
      FWIW both 'of' and 'according to' are used to describe the four Gospels when
      they are used in christian liturgy.

      In addition, the NRSV incipit is, for example, 'The Gospel according to
      Matthew' as is the RSV and the NJB.

      Perhaps this may be helpful,
      Jacob Knee
      (Cam, England)

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      From: Andrew Smith [mailto:smithand44@...]
      Sent: 09 September 2001 15:54
      To: gthomas@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [GTh] Of/According to Thomas

      Thanks for the interesting points, Rick, but I *wasn't* proposing
      that the text was written by an apostle Thomas, merely that our text
      claims that it was. Actually I think now that "of" is preferred
      over "according to" probably because it sounds less conventionally
      Christian. As I pointed out in my last post, Meyer prefers "according
      to" as a translation within the text, but his book has to be
      called "The Gospel of Thomas." As I said, it's my good guess that
      marketing considerations have determined the title.


      Andrew Smith
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